• Coway Neo (CHP-260N) Water Purifier

All Coway products can be purchased outright or you can rent the products and pay a monthly payment.  

Coway Neo (CHP-260N) Water Purifier :

Outright Purchase - RM3340 with Free 1 Year Service

Monthly Rental - RM108 with Free 5 Year Service

Coway Neo Water Purifier is a household essential and is Technologically Advanced with Efficient performance. The features includes:

1. Coway Nanotrap™ Filter System

This innovative filter has a large surface area and contains Nanofibre (effectively reduces bio-fouling materials such as cell debris, bacteria, viruses, etc) with a patented Electrospun coating (Nano Alumina Fibre 0.01µ). Furthermore, the enhanced performance and high-turbidity elimination process increase the water flow rate.

Coway Ferry Stages 1 & 2: Neo-Sense Filter

Stages 1 & 2:
Neo-Sense Filter 

Removes particulates, chlorine and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well as dissolves organic and inorganic impurities.
Coway Ferry Stage 3: RO Membrane Filter

Stage 3:
Coway Nanotrap™ Filter
Reduces viruses and bacteria by using electromagnetic forces.
Coway Ferry Stages 4 & 5: Inno-Sense Filter

Stages 4 & 5:
Inno-Sense Filter (Post Carbon + Fine Filters)

Removes smell induction materials to improve the taste of water.
Coway Ferry Stage 6: Ceramic Filter

Stage 6:
Ceramic Filter

Prevents growth of microorganisms inside the water tank.

2.Fast Filtration Flow Rate

The advanced Nanotrap™ filter produces a significant amount of fresh drinking water even when the water pressure is low.

3.Easy to Operate

A simple rotation of the selection knob switches the water temperature between Cold and Ambient.

4.Continuous Dispenser

A flick of the dispenser upwards conveniently gives you a continuous flow of water.

Coway Neo (CHP-260N) Water Purifier

  • Product Code: Coway Neo (CHP-260N) Water Purifier
  • Availability: In Stock
  • RM3340 (Outright) RM108 (Monthly rental) Tel:0192662268



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