• Coway Villaem (CHP-08AR) Water Purifier

All Coway products can be purchased outright or you can rent the products and pay a monthly payment.  

Coway Villaem (CHP-08AR) Water Purifier :

Outright Purchase - RM3580 with Free 1 Year Service

Monthly Rental - RM118 with Free 5 Year Service

Coway Villaem Petit water purifier boasts high tech and efficient features . They include:

1. Dual Water Temperature Control

Easily control the temperature from Hot to Warm (97°C to 45°C) and Ambient to Cold simply by using the convenient selection knob.

2. Smart Efficient

Night Mode Sensor Low Water Level Indicator Mood Lamp
Coway Villaem Night Mode Sensor Coway Villaem Low Water Level Indicator Coway Villaem Mood Lamp
The heater and compressor are turned off automatically when the sensor detects dim lights in the surrounding, thus reducing power consumption. When the LED light indicates low water level, it automatically shuts down the heater and compressor for safety purposes. Illuminates when the water purifier is used in low-light surroundings.

3. Reverse Osmosis System (0.0001 micron) - 6 step filtration flow process

Coway Ferry Stages 1 & 2: Neo-Sense Filter

Stages 1 & 2:
Neo-Sense Filter (Plus Sediment + Pre-Carbon Filters)

Reduces particles and soluble contaminants, making it free from chlorine and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Coway Ferry Stage 3: RO Membrane Filter

Stage 3:
RO Membrane Filter

Removes water contaminants such as heavy metals, waterborne microorganisms and harmful organic chemicals.
Coway Ferry Stages 4 & 5: Inno-Sense Filter

Stages 4 & 5:
Inno-Sense Filter (Post Carbon + Fine Filters)

Reduces odours and improves the taste of water.
Coway Ferry Stage 6: Ceramic Filter

Stage 6:
Ceramic Filter

Prevents growth of microorganisms inside the water tank.



Coway Villaem (CHP-08AR) Water Purifier

  • Product Code: Coway Villaem (CHP-08AR) Water Purifier
  • Availability: In Stock
  • RM3580 (Outright) RM118 (Monthly rental) Tel:0192662268



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